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How do I Promote My Ecommerce Business?

It may seem obvious, but you must dedicate time to building and implementing your strategy. Ecommerce is driven both onsite and off site however both approaches require an investment of time to monitor and adjust each element. Align all your digital media channels to ensure these are interconnected and optimised. Businesses can benefit from using […]

Search Engine Optimization is key to effective page ranking on Google and similar search engines

Why is SEO important? Research has shown that 75% of those searching do not pass the first page of results. So it’s crucial your business ranks in the first page and as high as possible. Achieving a good SEO score is not something that will be achieved instantly. It requires constant attention and adjustment and […]

Dig Up Stupid! Are you repeating the same mistakes in 2018?

  Philip O\’Brien – Creation Media As we enter the third week of 2018 many people will have made (and broken?) New Year’s resolutions. Personal promises to improve the self. However how many of you business owners and managers have made the resolutions for your businesses? Can you honestly say that 2017 was a perfect […]

Unsocial Media – Are we listening to our customers?

Philip O\’Brien – 29/08/16 Social Media, the great saviour of the small business. If I\’d a euro for every time I’d heard this comment! Social media has levelled the playing field in many respects. It allows smaller businesses with modest budgets to compete with bigger brands. Yet almost all businesses employ social media without realising […]

Practical Methods for Branding Small Businesses

… But Branding is only for big businesses Practical methods for branding small businesses. Philip O\’Brien Creation Media Updated 30/08/16 About 6 months ago I had a conversation with a business owner. The company has been established since the eighties. and recently expanded to a second location. She said she wanted marketing. I explained that marketing […]

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