Search Engine Optimization is key to effective page ranking on Google and similar search engines

Why is SEO important?

Research has shown that 75% of those searching do not pass the first page of results. So it’s crucial your business ranks in the first page and as high as possible.

Achieving a good SEO score is not something that will be achieved instantly. It requires constant attention and adjustment and the most current uрdаtеѕ and versions of plugins and operating systems must be installed as they become available.

Normally the results only begin to appear after a number of months work and then you need to keep monitoring and adjusting as your SEO report scores indicate.

Achieving a good SEO ranking is the result of ensuring that many simple things are in place on your website.

Some of these include:

  1. Simple, intuitive navigation to provide a great visitor experience.
  2. Fast loading speeds which are unhindered by large graphic file sizes or unnecessary features.
  3. Simple matching page titles (clickable headlines that appear in search results), and meta titles (a brief summary of a page in SERPs it displayed below the title tag.
  4. Optimise content (including images and word count – a minimum of 300 per page is required and long form content of 3000 well-structured words is shown to increase traffic shares and backlinks), site layout and page structure.
  5. Optimising both your internal website link structure and external backlinks. Building links increases search visibility and inbound organic links.

These and other on page tactics pay off in terms of both your organic ranking, (how well you rank without paying for a Google listing), and the cost of your keyword bids when setting up an AdWords campaign.

Speak with us today about maintaining good SEO on your website and what online marketing tactics are right for your business.

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