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Lessons From America: What your business can learn from the U.S election

Philip O’Brien – Creation Media 18/01/17 I recently read two great articles on some of the reasons why Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 U.S. Presidential elections. Simon Dumencos excellent post mortem of Hillary’s doomed campaign in 9th Novembers Ad Age entitled “How Did Hillary Clinton Screw This Up? For Starters, Her Advertising Was All Wrong” […]

5 Ways to Comfortably Present to Camera – Video Part 3

Philip O\’Brien Creation Media How to Comfortably present to the camera. The videos to accompany the First and Second blog posts can be accessed here and here To view the video for this blog click here: An estimated 90% of people are termed visual, meaning they respond to visual cues. Therefore it is critical […]

Practical Methods for Branding Small Businesses

… But Branding is only for big businesses Practical methods for branding small businesses. Philip O\’Brien Creation Media Updated 30/08/16 About 6 months ago I had a conversation with a business owner. The company has been established since the eighties. and recently expanded to a second location. She said she wanted marketing. I explained that marketing […]

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