5 Brand Building Types of Video- Part 2

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Hello, welcome to the second blog in this series where we look at using video content to build your brand. In Part 1 we briefly mentioned types of video. Here we look at the various ways video can be used in more detail.

The video of this blog is available here https://youtu.be/CXiAjtwnysM


The Promo

The most common type of video you’ll see on YouTube is the promotional video.  Promotional videos are used for building brand but these should not be a commercials.  Instead aim to generate shares and build brand through word of mouth

To achieve this, your video will have to be great and memorable and importantly it must connect with your audience.


The How-To Video

The \”how to\” or demonstration style video has become increasingly popular.

Many People using social media will have seen the Tasty video tutorials. These videos demonstrate how to make great, simple food dishes in 30 seconds using time compression.

These videos are quick, well planned and engaging. Consumers access the content on mobile devices through social media platforms.“How To” videos are now among the highest searches on YouTube and Google. In May 2015, Google stated “More than 100 million hours of how-to content have been watched in North America so far this year.”

Video is produced by companies or by customers who demonstrate uses they have discovered for the products. Think of the detergent companies where customers upload examples of how they have removed stains to community forums for tip sharing.

Enthusiasm is crucial in this type of video. If you really believe in your product, you should be able to showcase it easily and enthusiastically to your audience.


5 key elements of this type of content:

  • Research your topic and know your audience
  • Plan! Always write a script
  • Hook ‘em quick and keep it short
  • Avoid  information overload – keep it simple
  • Finish with a strong CTA (Call to Action)


The Interview

Interviews can be with company employees, customers, management or industry experts.

Whatever type you decide on remember you must provide engaging content that informs the customer.

A behind the scenes look at what its like to work at Google HQ for instance would be interesting to many people

Fans of fast food chain White Castle regularly post video to Craver Nation a fan forum hosted by the company where they tell the world of their love affair with the brand.

There are many types of interview that a brand can use as part of its video promotional material.

For building thought leadership, there is indeed no better way than to invite an industry expert onto the airwaves for a filmed discussion about the future of the market.

One of the best things about interview content is that it’s real. It’s genuine, unscripted and natural. And it brings an overwhelming human touch to your brand.


(UGC) User Generated Content

Much as companies now co-create products with customers, increasingly customers now contribute to content marketing producing UGC or User Generated Content.

Take Doritos the well known snack. Manufacturers Frito Lay felt they needed a campaign to stimulate the brand.

They decided to ask amateurs to submit videos for a project called “Change the Game”. 6 video producers were selected from over 1000 submissions and were invited to Miami for a pre-Superbowl party. The winning advert, as chosen by an online public vote received $10’000 and invaluable exposure.

The winning advert generated over 1 billion impressions and delivered over $30 million in equivalent advertising revenue for Doritos. It cost makers $12.

Check it out here.


User Generated Content is relevant to all businesses.  OK,  so smaller businesses will not be able to offer $10’000 and fly winners to Miami but you can create hashtags which encourage fans to come up with content. This could be on unusual uses of the product or why customers love your services

Fans have since created wealth of original content which they’ve posted on social media and shared.

To get the ball rolling, think up a hashtag, create some YouTube videos where you show an idea of your product ‘outside of the box’, if you will, and hopefully you’ll get fans doing the exact same thing.



Modern product launches are as eagerly awaited as the premiere of a new film. Streamed in real time and packaged for future consumption product launch videos enable you to reach a huge audience quickly and cheaply.

Steve Jobs was the master of these launches. He wowed investors, tech heads and customers alike with slick presentation and big ideas but in a way people could relate to.

Bringing ideas and products or services to life and to a wider audience through on-line video is the best and cheapest way to communicate.

Why explain when you can demonstrate

If you would like to learn more why not talk to Creation Media. Drop us a line info@creationmedia.ie and get building your business brand.



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