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Philip O’Brien

Creation Media  04/09/16

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I recently delivered a workshop which focused on using video content to build brand. So I\’ve written a few blog posts to compliment the videos on this topic. This first post explains some of the basics around developing and creating content and how it can be used to effectively build brand.

Currently video content accounts for 64% of all online content. By 2019 this figure will rise to over 80%, so it’s important to understand how to develop and use video marketing in your business.

Video content is simple and cheap to make. Its easy to watch and share. It can really showcase the business or brand personality. Good quality video is surprisingly easy to deliver using a steady hand or tripod and a good camera phone.

Sometimes the gritty feel of the “homemade” video appeals much more effectively to customers than the slick corporate video. It is however, advisable to invest in at least one professionally produced video. This will represent the company and establish what the business is about.



\"Stats_Creation_Media\"  A few statistics so you know I\’m serious

Recent figures show that social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined

Companies that use video marketing grow revenue 49% faster than those that don’t

70% of marketers say that video generates more conversions than any other form of content.  The most popular types of video include:

Promo Video

These are used to promote events, services or products. It could promote a sale, new product lines or a change to opening hours. It can be anything, so long as it’s relevant and interesting to your customers.

Interview Video

Next, is the interview style, where two people are filmed in an interview style situation. These can be either serious or lighthearted however the tone must reflect the brand image and the purpose of the shoot. Trying to describe new product features for a tech product in a flippant jokey manner won’t work. Most techies are deadly serious when it comes to innovation!

Tutorial Video

The tutorial style video is increasingly being used across a range of industries to demonstrate product uses

Why read a manual, watch how an expert installs those shelves. The popular app Tasty, hosted on Buzzfeed, demonstrates how to prepare great simple dishes in 30 seconds using time lapse video.


A few simple rules for creating video content.

Connect or Bore?

Ask yourself would it engage your interest. If it wouldn’t than there’s every chance it won’t interest your customers either. A video is only as good as the content in it. If the content isn’t relevant and representative of the brand, then go back to the drawing board.

Keep it Short!

No video should be over 90 seconds in length. The average attention span of a person is 6 – 8 seconds, less than a goldfish! If the video has to be longer serialise it on your blog or social media. This engages the audience to your brand and delivers micro moments of value.

What Channel?

Knowing what channels will reach your audience is critical. What is the most effective platform and medium to deliver your message.

Delivering useful, funny or interesting pieces of information increase your brand shares.


I’ve spoken before in previous blogs about the importance of a good title. This is the hook that gets the customer to read your article. Asking a question in the title “Can you eat steak AND lose weight?” , or using numbers, “8 new ways to cook with potatoes” are just two ways on engaging an audience

Remember, good content of any type can be re purposed. This content was partially used in a previous workshop and is also delivered in this video

Sweat that asset and leverage maximum value!

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