5 Ways to Comfortably Present to Camera – Video Part 3

Philip O\’Brien

Creation Media

How to Comfortably present to the camera.

The videos to accompany the First and Second blog posts can be accessed here

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An estimated 90% of people are termed visual, meaning they respond to visual cues. Therefore it is critical to use visual elements to tell your brand’s story.

Incorporating visual elements makes even more sense when you consider that customers are increasingly connecting with brands through mobile devices which video content is suited to.

If you’re like me you probably are not a natural in front of a lens but that is exactly what you will need to be if you want to connect and form a relationship with your audience.

Not only are you delivering a message and building your brand but video watched to the end is a ranking factor for Youtube and other platforms since 2014


  1. Practice Practice Practice

Like most things the key to success is preparation. Prepare a script or story board and if necessary have large prompt cards off camera. You don’t have to stick rigorously to a script, a good flow and natural delivery are more important. If you prepare and rehearse you will be more confident and this will translate in your delivery


  1. Comfort makes Content

As it’s important to practice and be confident it’s important to be comfortable. Don’t have a large audience watching you.

Know your surroundings. If you intend moving during the shoot establish with the camera person exactly what point you are moving from and to where exactly you will move to. Mark these points on the floor. Knowing what you are doing at which point helps your confidence and delivers the best shoot as the camera person can work out the best angles and positions to shoot from.


  1. Get comfortable with the camera.

Some people look great in front of the camera. Some people (Me!) don’t.

Before you begin the actual shoot try out different looks, glasses/no glasses, jacket on/off etc.

Check these through the camera and find a look that you like and are comfortable with. Try different ways of positioning your body and ask the camera person to look at these from different shooting points if possible.

Again comfort makes content. Don’t begin shooting immediately. Experiment at the beginning and you’ll get much better end product.


  1. Don’t rush your delivery

Most people are nervous appearing in front on the camera and this may lead to a tendency to rush the delivery.

Don’t be afraid to slow the delivery down and if needed pause and take a breath. Use large cues (mentioned at the beginning), and remember that the edit should be used to smooth out any anomalies and produce a polished end product.

It most important that you are interesting, likeable and engaging. If you achieve this your audience will connect with you and your brand.


  1. Critical Analysis

We can be our own worst critics so its worthwhile having the opinion of a trusted friend or co-worker.

If the piece is a short one shot piece which is going to be broadcast more or less as you see it then a balanced opinion is great to have. If necessary you can re-shoot the piece. Finally establish with the producer or camera person what can or cannot be edited.

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